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Legal translation

Legal translation

For many people, foreign languages are a Chinese puzzle, but it is interesting and necessary to know what is written in the fiction book, manual for household appliances sent from abroad, package leaflet etc. However, if the translation of fiction shouldn’t be word-by-word – style and exciting presentation of the material are important for it – the legal translation from foreign languages should always be exact - sometimes too much depends on it.

What is it for?

Translation of official documents from a foreign language to the one that is used and recognized in a particular state is required in:

• Purchase/sale or transfer of anything abroad. For example, real estate, piece of art, antiques etc. 

• Trials that involve two or more states.

• Diplomatic negotiations.

• Marriage to a foreigner.

• Adoption of a child from other country.

• Matters related to inheritance, property appraisal, copyright, insurance and much more

Legal translation is quite complicated because of the abundance of special terms, and the differences in the legislation of different countries. The translator dealing with "decoding" of official documents must not only know the languages perfectly, but also understand the legal niceties.

What do we offer?

Duet Translation Agency’s objective is the most accurate translation of documents directly related to the law. Legal translation is required, as a rule, when the person’s fate hangs on the balance, his/her status in the society and his life change. Therefore, its accuracy and perfection is guaranteed. We employ in-house specialists only, so the situation when an employee goes off the grid and the translation "freezes" is excluded. We understand that the legal translation is the order that is not only complex, but also urgent, so we never let the customer down and do the work not only efficiently but also in time. To assess our translators’ qualifications you can use the free-of-charge test. By the way, you can order the translation virtually at any time of the day, both remotely and in the office. You can pay for the order by a number of ways - choose the most optimal one. We do our best to make your ideas and wishes, implementation of which requires our services, come true easily and without impediment!

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