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Technical translation

Technical translation

Technical translation of special documentation is one of our company’s activities. Along with such translations, we are ready to do legalmedical translation, work with financial and economic texts and fiction.

A special feature of the technical translation is that the texts belong to scientific and technical segment. Therefore, to do high-quality translation of the technical text the specialist should have expertise and know the technical terminology. We are ready to do translation for heavy industry, architecture, construction, etc. We have experience of working for physical and chemical research laboratories and highly-specialized institutions.

The main thing is that we have a solid base of knowledge that helps us to translate into English (Spanish, French and other languages) correctly. We understand what we are writing about. Even native speakers are not always able to do correct technical translation of a special text. Therefore, only competent specialists are engaged for such work.

Our employees have a degree in the metallurgy, chemical industry, machine tool, power generation, oil and gas industry. Of course, they are perfectly fluent in foreign languages and technical terminology. This is what distinguishes our company. We are ready to do the translation of any level of complexity.

Advantages of cooperation with our company:

• Competent staff

• Knowledge of technical terminology

• Higher technical education

• Flexible discount system

• Only a customized approach to each order

• High level of literacy

• Perfect fluency in languages

We are ready to accept the order and execute it as soon as possible. The quality of technical translation will be at a high level. Additional checks and corrections of texts are possible. All our translations are certified. We are ready to take responsibility for each of our translations.

For the customers’ convenience, it is possible to work and collaborate remotely. We accept orders online via the Internet. If necessary, you can use the services of courier delivery. In any case, you will get our translation of the text just in time.

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