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Certified translation (notarization)

Certified translation (notarization)

Duet Translation Agency offers its customers a convenient and high-quality service on the notarization of translation. Our customers rely on confidentiality and high quality translation of any complexity.

Duet Translation Agency with notarization is the best choice for business people and just those who value quality and their time in the first instance. We will translate the documents from and into any language as quickly as possible. The quality of the translation and its accuracy are guaranteed by the specialists with a degree and native speakers with many years of experience in this area.

To submit the source document you do not even need to come to our office - just place an order on our website and provide the scanned document pages. Our specialists will do a professional translation and certify the authenticity of the translation with their own signature before the notary. After that, the notary will make appropriate entries in the register of notarial acts and confirm the completion of transactions with his/her signature and seal.

For the customers who are unable to come to the office and pick up their documents, Duet Translation Agency organizes delivery by courier. The customer will receive a package of documents as soon as possible, without leaving work or home, without distracting from their business. It's so convenient!

Duet Translation Agency performs certification of all kinds of documents. We are always willing to help both individuals and corporate clients.

When is a notarized translation required? Quite often, translation and subsequent certification is required for the legal documents issued and executed in Ukraine, as well as the documents with the Apostille. This is to ensure that foreign partners and government officials had the possibility to learn the contents of the document of a foreign state, in this case - Ukraine. Translations of the Ukrainian passports, diplomas, driver's licenses are in demand as well.

In the territory of Ukraine, notarization is required for the passports issued in other state, various official records of births, deaths and marriages, diplomas and certificates.

You can find the prices for our services on the website in the appropriate section. We support partnership relations, therefore guarantee extremely honest and simple terms of setting the cost of our services.


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