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Medical translation

Medical translation

Medical translations can rightly be considered the most difficult types of translations. This is due to the fact that they require medical and linguistic knowledge. Working with medical translation is associated with very hard work with reference books and dictionaries, as the original texts often contain many Latin abbreviations and names. If it comes to medical history sheet, the experts also have to decipher the doctors’ handwriting, which adds to the time and effort.

Medical translation, despite all the complexities, should be as accurate as possible. Any errors may lead to serious negative consequences, the cost of which may be someone’s life or health. That is why, in any case, translations of such texts should not be trusted to the freelancers or good friends, but only to specialized companies that are sure to take full responsibility for services rendered. Duet Translation Agency is a modern company, which you can always trust to and provide the most important papers and documents.

For many years, Duet Translation Agency has been providing the translation services to both the companies and individuals. The company does medical translations of the following types:

• Clinical and medical translations;

• Medication reference books;

Hospital discharge summaries and medical history sheets;


Translation of medical articles and texts covers completely all areas of medicine: dentistry, surgery, cardiology, psychiatry, pharmacology, chemistry, biology etc. It is worth noting that the veterinary translations are distinguished as a separate translation area. In addition, the company's specialists perform orders on translation of medical documentation for the medical equipment and documents, which take into account the operating instructions and specifications. In Duet Translation Agencyyou can order a translation of any text from different languages, including educational and reference literature and marketing materials. 

Absolutely any translation in modern medicine is done only with the strict observance of terminology, style and type of the source document. The company’s employees take into account what purpose the documents are intended for. In case of medical history sheet translation, Latin names and terms may be used.

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